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    Quality PolicyMaking chips diligently,whole members participating,continual improvement,and pursuing excellence 

    Making chips diligently: all employees should regard production as the core and take customer’s satisfaction as purpose. Each employee carries out his duty, and takes quality promoting, output increasing and cost reducing as the original intention. The whole members are united at heart and make chips diligently, to achieve high efficiency, low consume and high quality. 
    Whole members participating: the company insists on human-oriented, and its existence and development is closely related to the whole members. The company emphasizes all employees to participate in quality management, and distributes the quality target to each member, trains all employees about the quality consciousness and sense of responsibility, making every employee to be aware of “company prosperous my glory, company declining my shame”, thus to contribute to quality target realization. 
    Keeping on improvement: keeping on improvement is a target for the company to establish a sound quality system. By collecting exterior information and feedback to the interior, the company identify the need and expectation of the market and customers and the problems existed in the quality system operation, and handle it with high efficiency, making PDCA continuously circulates, constantly increasing customer satisfaction, realizing continuous improvement and promotion, making company steadily step into positive development orbit. 
    Pursuing excellence: by establishing an outstanding team, Silan IC initiates all members into “faith, endurance, exploration, enthusiasm” enterprise spirit. All members work diligently focusing on the development of the company, and consistently participate in the quality system establishment, maintenance and continuously improvement. Silan IC focuses on the customers, keeps on continuous improvement, pursues high quality, high efficiency and excellent achievement, makes a bright future together, to repay the nation, the society and the hardworking Silan people.
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